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Fw: Lady Knights Updated and More Information Needed [rec.org.sca #214981]

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

For your information and edification and as requested forwarded

-----Original Message-----
From: Linda Levy <lindal@goddess.corp.sgi.com>
To: sca-west@galaxy.csuchico.edu <sca-west@galaxy.csuchico.edu>
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 1997 11:35 AM
Subject: Lady Knights Updated and More Information Needed [rec.org.sca

>------ Forwarded Article
>------ From gunnora@bga.COM (Gunnora Hallakarva)
>Sael og heill!
>I have made a number of changes and updates to the Ladies of the Chivalry
>webpage located at
>I would appreciate it if those of you who are subscribed to the mailing
>lists of the various Kingdoms could cross-post this message to your
>Kingdom's list so that it will reach the most readers.  I have already sent
>a similar message to Ansteorra's mailing list myself.
>While I have a lot of information about the valiant and talented Ladies of
>the Chivalry, I still am missing information.  I especially need
>photographs of any of these ladies.  I am adding a photo gallery of
>pictures of the ladies -- the main page for each lady shows her arms and a
>photo if I have one.  If I have more than one photo, clicking on the photo
>on the main page will take you to a photo gallery featuring all the photos
>of that lady which I have collected.
>If you have a good photo, but do not have access to a scanner, if you will
>mail it to me I promise to scan it and return it in the next day's mail
>In addition, I also still do not have positive ID on the blazons of some of
>these ladies' arms.
>Below is a list of the Ladies of the Chivalry broken down by the Kingdom in
>which each was knighted.  I have indicated what information I am missing.
>I *always* can use more photographs.  I especially would appreciate photos
>from these Ladies' Knighting ceremonies, and photos of them in armor, and
>most especially in combat. =20
>I also would like bibliographical data, persona information, and if
>possible, I'd love to include a statement from each of the Ladies
>themselves about their philosophy about what knighthood means to them, what
>they did in order to become a knight, or anything else they'd care to
>share.  I have none of this information at the present time.
>West - 5 KSCA, 1 MSCA
>        Sir Mary of Uffington - I have no photos of Sir Mary at all
>        Sir Maythen Gervaise - I am uncertain of the arms - I've been told
>dragon is
>                         "reguardant" but I am unsure how it should be
>        Sir Andrea of Clear Mount - - I have no photos of Sir Andrea at all
>        Sir Hilary of Serendip - I received corrections on the arms for Sir
>but I don't
>                        know that I have it right even yet.
>        Sir Richenza von Schlagen (in Oertha) - I could use a picture or
two that
>                        Sir Richenza's face more clearly.
>        Viscountess Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragon Keep, MSCA - I can always
>                        photos, and would like some of her in armor and/or
>Ansteorra - 3 KSCA
>        Sir Elzasif (Cyf) O'Donnell, called Ironhand - I have no photos at
all of
>Sir Cyf
>        Sir Rowan von Kampfer - I'd like a photo or two of Sir Rowan in
>and/or in combat.
>        Dame Alisha MacLeod - Dame Alisha has graciously offered to provide
>                        with more photos.
>AnTir - 2 KSCA
>        Sir Bolverk of Momchilovich - I have no blazon for her arms at all,
>would like a=20
>                        photo of Sir Bolverk in armor and/or in combat
>        Sir Crisiant ferch Eirian (now in Drachenwald) - I'd like a photo
or two
>of Sir Crisiant
>                        in armor and/or in combat, and a better
>Midrealm - 2 KSCA
>        Sir Fernanda (Fern) de la Foret (now in Atlantia) - I'd like a
>photo of Sir Fern,
>                        and photos of her in armor and/or combat
>        Sir Elizabeth (Bess) Mortimer called the Bold (now in Trimaris) -
I'd like
>a closeup
>                        of Sir Elizabeth and photos of her in armor and/or
>combat.  Also,
>                        I am not certain I have her arms correct.  The
>dresses she's
>                        wearing in the photos I have do not match the
blazon I
>was given.
>Atenveldt - 2 KSCA
>        Sir Trude Lacklandia -- I have no photos of Sir Trude, the SCA's
>Lady Knight
>        Sir Leah de Spencer (now in Artemesia) - I'd like photos of Sir
Leah in
>armor and/or
>                        in combat
>Trimaris - 1 KSCA
>        Sir Erika Bjornsdottir - I have no photos of Sir Erika at all.
>I thank you for your help!
>W=E6s =DEu H=E6l (Waes Thu Hael)
>Gunnora Hallakarva
>Ek eigi visa =FEik hversu o=F0lask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna heldr hversu na=
> Hersis-A=F0al
>(Ek eigi thik hversu odhlask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna heldr hversu na=
> Hersis-Adhal)
>------ End of Forwarded Article
>Linda Levy

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