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Re: Want to sail in a Viking Longship?

Poster: Ed Hopkins <Ed.Hopkins@mci.com>

> The longship _Fyrdraca_ is a replica of the second longship found
> on the island of Rugen, Germany, in the Baltic sea.  She can hold
> up to 24 crew.
> Crew are asked to bring 2 liters of water, a lunch and to dress in
> layers.  There is no charge, though you might want to bring some
> money in case we stop somewhere for a drink.
> This isn't an SCA group, but of interest to SCAdians.  Please do
> think of coming.  It's lots of fun!

I saw something on TV a while ago about replica longships retracing
the route of Leif Ericsson, and I noticed that the crew all wore
mundane clothes.  It seemed a little odd to me.

What *kind* of layers does The Longship Company, Ltd. expect on
the crew?

Did Vikings go barefoot aboard ship, as English and American sailors
did before rubber soles came along?

-- Alfredo
Ars longa, vita lata.
Art is long, life is wide.

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