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Salt Wars

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

>And since we are on the subject of old wars, what about Salt Wars? Who
>was there when...?
Ah yes... I remember in a vague sort of fashion, Salt Wars..Yes

It was the first war of Atlantia's that I went to. It maybe the
first war that the Kingdom of Atlantia had with another kingdom.
I have not heard of any earlier one but my participation in the
SCA didn't start until the summer of 1981. Our enemy was the
Kingdom of Merides. The war was in April in 1982 or maybe '83.
The location was in the furthest reaches of Black Diamond, in the
mountains in the south west corner of Virginia close to Bristol.

It was cold. It snowed. It was so one sided that there were no
reruns. I think the numbers were on the order of 130 to 80. These
are guesses but we did outnumber them. After running the kingdom
against kingdom scenario a couple of times Sir Strykar, who was
Earl Marshal at the time, pooled all the fighters from both kingdoms
together and then formed up more evenly balanced sides. I remember
at one time two armies charging at each other one side yelling
"TASTES GREAT", the other screaming "LESS FILLING".

Also out of this war came one of the legendary stories from Atlantian
history, the Story of the Real Man. This story is told by Master
Igor Bear who was a witness to the deeds done and said.

	Your Humble Servant of Weak Memory,
		Malcolm MacMalcolm
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