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re: Scribes and Promisories

Poster: sandra_toscano_at_chppm2__apgea@chppm-ccmail.apgea.army.mil

     I am the proud owner of a beautiful AOA scroll, 11th century european, 
     with a Japanese name calligraphed in red ink on it.  I still display 
     it because it is a pretty scroll.  The scribe who made the scroll 
     ahead of time didn't know the name I was going by at the time, thought 
     she was playing it safe with the style she chose.  This was 8 years 
     ago in the Prinicipality of Drachenwald.  I'm now 16th century 
     english.  I've finally submitted my name, the device is still in the 
     Perhaps the backlog just simply needs to be managed differently (i.e., 
     if folks don't request a scroll, don't do one for them) but I think 
     Atlantia overall is on the right track.
     Eleanor Hamilton
     AKA Sandy Toscano

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