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Sobriquets of Certain Pennsics

Poster: JebRaitt@aol.com

Miri Writes:  Does Anyone remember when these occurred...?

Donal Mac Ruiseart replies:

First war at Cooper's Lake:  That was Pennsic VI

Runestone on Runestone Hill:  I am fairly sure that was Pennsic X.  I was
present at its installation.  If anyone has a rubbing of the Stone itself or
can visit Cooper's Lake they can ascertain it, because the date is included

Mt. Eislinn:  aka Heartbreak Hill, named for the Queen of the Middle who
attended tho very ill.  XV?

Settlers on the Seregeti.  The Serengeti (aka the New Town) was in use at XX,
but I'm not sure if it was before.
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