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Greetings from Lorenzo,
this could be another instance of "open mouth, insert foot", but from my point of view, reports, at least in some form, are really necessary. As deputy Kingdom Archer Marshal for the North, I find myself responsible for an activity that currently has absolutely no requirements for reports. Consequently, I have very little data on which to base efforts and policy. My main goal and responsibility is to grow the activity of archery in the North (well actually grow it anywhere, but I'm responsible for North :). To do that, I must rely on empirical data that I observe and must collect myself, trying to establish contacts and develop lines of communications. The burden is 100% on me at this point. I need to figure out which groups are active and which aren't, who is holding practices when, how many people they have, what kind of problems they are experiencing, is archery being included in their events, if not, why not, on and on. A small report, just something that would list that this quarter this many practices were held, this many people attended, these archery activities were done at an event, and whatever any individual marshal wants to include in there (requests for assistance, questions, whatever), would be a tremendous help for me, and would represent 100% more data than I have now. I can't imagine that something like that would take any time at all to write in. I'd take less than a sentence per point, just so that I could get something. I would not do this to be bureaucratic, but only to improve the level of service that in turn would benefit everyone. There is no point for me to spend any time finding out what group A is doing, if I know that they are holding regular practices and including archery in their events, and all is right with the world. I can instead concentrate on trying to find a marshal for group B, or perhaps help them find a site, or help them build targets and backdrops, in other words be a lot more productive. It also helps me see if progress is being made, or not, and request assistance from the Crown to reverse trends or enhance them. That data that would be collected would have many uses, and all these uses benefit the populace at large. I believe that all the other Kingdom-level officers have the same requirements, and obtain the same benefit. As a local group officer, you are responsible to the populace you represent and that has voted you into that position. By filing reports, you continue to benefit them, and do the job that they elected you to do. So even if something looks bureaucratic, it doesn't mean that it is not necessary, or that in the long run (and often not so long) it will not be beneficial to you and the general populace.
My own opinion, of course. Comments are very welcome.
- Lorenzo il Confuso