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No Subject

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

[I was *gonna* stay out of this topic, really I was!!]

Landi suggests:

>   Or corner 'em at an event.  It's hardly a life-and-death matter that
>*has* to be solved Right Now... (or as Miri says "the house ain't gonna
>burn down..." :-)

Lessee.  As of Friday there were 19 groups in significant danger of
suspension and I hadn't gotten Rhiannon's info yet.  Assuming 3/4 of them
were at Crown (might be generous for a Crown as far out as Seareach, but
still possible), that's say, 15 groups x say 5 minutes.  12x5 = 60, that's
an hour and a quarter, if I can limit all the conversations to 5 minutes,
which is unlikely.  And that's not including all the other folks who will
come up and want to talk business.  What a joyous way to spend an event I'm
already paying for....

Frankly, I joined this club to have fun and tracking recalcitrant officers
down at events ain't it.  It is *completely* not about the Middle Ages
either.  I don't want to carry my laptop around or my mega-notebook of
papers, and neither do these other people.  If I see people, I'll mention
it to them in passing but that's about it.

Its much easier to sit down in the relative comfort of my home, with my
records and computer available, and just make an evening of phone calls,
even if I do have to pay for them all.

This is not to discourage people from coming up and asking me business
questions at events.  As a 'public figure' I accept that, and there is
often business that is best conducted in person (I've been to events solely
for that purpose!).  But ask me when I'm not busy, and early in the day not
at 2 am standing by the keg.  <grin>  You'd be surprised the number of
times I get cornered in places like the bathroom, or halfway into my armor....

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