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Re: 12th Night Reminder

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@MCIMAIL.COM>

There was a mistake in the original flyer that was on-line such that
it did not indicate the correct beneficiaries of the fundraising efforts.  
The flyer in the hard-copy of the Acorn has always indicated that the proceeds were going 
to the Atlantia reglia fund specifically for thrones.  Sorry about any confusion
that this might have caused.  Also while we are on teh subject of donations
three more things:

1) in addition to the voice auction, there will be a silent auction
and a raffle.  These will continue all day until after the feast, when
the highest bids/raffle winners may pick up their prizes (at approximately
8 p.m.).

2)    On a related note, we still need donations.  If you are willing
to donate items/services, please contact me privately or by phone.  All items
are welcome and will be raffled/auctioned off.  So far we have received
the folling types of items/services as donations:

- "feast gear basket" (containing a pair of embroidered napkins and an 
embroidered bread cloth (all of which will have Celtic knotwork in blue and 
gold), with two brass
candlesticks and a half-dozen beeswax candles.  
- books on Medieval art and history
-china doll dressed in a hand-made renaissance outfit
- a leather bow case)
- a hand tooled leather hair clip
-matted and framed hand illuminated 14th c. love poem 
- beaded braid case
-decorative bottle in a velvet bag, 
-wooden rota game board w/ velvet bag, pieces, rules
- dinner basket (home made and served medieval feast for 4)
- 14th cent, sideless surcoat 
- a ceramic gargoyle
- 6 yards of Celtic trim beaded w/ fresh water pearls
-feast box (painted wooden box with 2 leather jacks, embroidered napkins, 2 
painted wooden bowls and hand-made beeswax candles)

3) Seperate from the kingdom regalia fund-raising, Master Terafan &
Sir Dafydd will be raffling tickets for the big (beautifully) painted 
wooden chest they displayed at University and at several other events. 
Proceeds from this raffle will go to the Oak.  Tickets are $5/each.  
Contact them directly for tickets before 12th Night.  (It is a beautiful 
chest, I myself have bought several tickets!  :^))

If you have any other questions regarding fundraising (or merchanting
spaces), please contact me directly.

Sue Metzler/Tehair MacDiarmada
Kingdom Fundraising Committee/ 
Coordinator of 12th Night Fund-Raising 1998/
Merchant Autocrat 12th Night 1998
(301) 474-3344 (NLT 10:30 p.m.)

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Poster: Celynen <navavaughn@geocities.com>

>>There will be a raffle and two auctions (with proceeds to go towards
purchasing new thrones and other Kingdom regalia). See related
announcements in the Acorn for information on the auction and donations.

I had been under the impression that the proceeds from the 12th Night
fundraising would benefit both the Oak and the Kingdom "regalia fund." 
It this no longer the case?

Mistress Celynen of Stow-on-the-Wold
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