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Re: Gaelic Question

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@pop.net>

> Poster: Eric Stoneking <estoneki@swales.com>
> Greetings,
> A coworker just walked in and wrote the word 'CLADAGH' on my
> whiteboard.  He says it's a Gaelic word associated with a symbol
> sometimes found on jewelry --- a pair of hands supporting a heart, which 
> in turn supports a crown.  He's curious about the pronunciation and meaning 
> of the word, and now I'm curious about the symbol.  Does anyone out there
> know anything about them?
> Thanks,
> Henri LaGrave

It's an Irish symbol, usually in ring form, though I've seen claddagh
pendants, earrings, etc. etc. The hands stand for friendship, the heart
for love, and the crown for loyalty. I don't know when this symbol 
originated, but I'm pretty sure it's OOP. I think the word is pronounced
roughly "cladder" but I could be way off on that. Any corrections or 
additions are welcome. =)

--Muireann ni Riordain
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