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[fwd] SC - Fw: [Mid] Russian SCA group

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

>To: "Cooks" <sca-cooks@Ansteorra.ORG>
>From: "Alderton, Philippa" <phlip@morganco.net>
>Subject: SC - Fw: [Mid] Russian SCA group
>Date: Sat, 29 Nov 97 02:05:44 +0000
>Hey, one and all,
>This looks like a worthy project can we/ do we wanna help?
>Beckum, print please.
>Never a horse that cain't be rode,
>And never a rider that cain't be throwed.
>: Date: Friday, November 28, 1997 13:42:08 
>: From: Susan Carroll-Clark
>: To: MK mailing list
>: Subject: [Mid] Russian SCA group
>: Greetings!
>: Since you asked--
>: I'd heard about this effort about a month ago, and got a message about
>: how to help via the Slavic Interest Group.  Our canton is making
>: to scan pictures and maybe send some duct tape.
>: Cheers--
>: Nicolaa de Bracton
>: ********
>: The city I live in (Erlangen, Germany) has a partner city in Russia.
>: With the support of the person who is ccordinating the cultural exchange
>: we contacted and later made friends with people who are interested in
>: SCA-style medieval reenactment.
>: They decided that they want to become part of the international SCA and
>: are now trying to form a shire in the region of Vladimir (about 100
>: miles east of Moscow).
>: Russia has no working mail system so mail has to be transported by
>: which is organized with the help of the city of Erlangen.  This means that
>: only letters with the max size and weight of approximately a magazine can
>: be sent.
>: A few weeks ago two of our Russian friends visited us and we had
>: chance to
>: show them a little about the SCA.  They liked it very much and asked
>: us to send them as much information as possible.
>: The current economic situation in Russia is quite bad for the majority
>: of people (an SCA membership equals about a worker's monthly income, the
>: head of a university earns about $100 a month) so several people in
>: Drachenwald decided to donate things to help them getting started.  If any
>: of you would like to support the future "Shire of Wildenburg"
>: (Vladimir/Suzdal)
>: please let us know.
>: My brother and I shall collect, sort and store all items and send/take
>: them to
>: Vladimir as soon as possible (car transport is not possible in winter).
>: I shall gather all electronic information, try to structure it and
>: have it
>: written on a CD-ROM.
>: ***
>: If you would like to help us:
>: Foremost the new shire needs information. They have no chance to go
>: somewhere and learn and it's very difficult for anyone to go there and
>: teach.
>: The more grafics and pictures the material contains the better; videos
>: would be exellent of cause. Because of the difficulties sending mail to
>: Russia I'll collect all informatiomn I get in electronic form, try to
>: stucture it and send it to Russia on CD-ROM. If you would like to
>: contribute such text please use ASCII format if possible (I don't use
>: MS-Windows).
>: Besides real instruction material, like articles and classes, videos and
>: pictures showing SCA activities like e.g. courts, tourneys or A&S
>: competitions are very welcome because it is not very likely that more
>: than a few people from Vladimir will be able to visit foreign events
>: during the next years.
>: The next things that would be useful are samples of armor that can be
>: copied (even if it's not useable anymore) as well as patterns for garb.
>: Of cause any usable material is welcome as well. Duct tape, strapping
>: tape and rattan are not available in Vladimir.
>: Apart from SCA matters:
>: If you would like to support our friends mundanely you might do this by
>: sending old PC parts (from 286 upward). Most university teachers and
>: students cannot afford to buy even used PC's and any help is
>: appreciated.
>: It would nice to know who is helping us so a list of names or maybe even
>: a picture of the senders would be nice - not neccessary of cause.
>: Lord Fionndaire Fearcuairt was so kind as to offer us his help, allowing
>: mail to be send to his military address:
>: Robert Joyce
>: PSC 9 Box 5163
>: APO AE 09123-5163
>: Please do not write anything but this and your (senders) address on the
>: outside of the package!!  ( a note saying "for Wildenburg" can be placed
>: inside!)
>: Thank you very much for your support!
>: Greetings
>: Wolfgang vom Bruch
>: From:  sclark@chass.utoronto.ca (Susan Carroll-Clark)
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James and/or Nancy Gilly


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