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Laurel Acceptances and Returns for November

Poster: TritonHrld@aol.com

The following items were REGISTERED by Lady Laurel at her November meeting:

Alesia la Sabia de Murcia - badge
     (Fieldless) A comet fesswise gules.

Alina Silverthorne - name and device
     Per pale purpure and sable, a pegasus rampant between three fleur-de-lys
argent.  A possible conflict was called with Heather of Whitby (SCA)
"Quarterly sable and gules, a pegasus rampant between three calla lilies
argent".  While it is clear fleur-de-lys evolved from lilies, the majority of
the evidence points to them as being considered difference (sic) charge in
period.  Therefore, we are giving the submitter the benefit of the doubt and
giving a CD between the calla lilies and the fleur-de-lys.

Alwyn Kenweard - device
     Per pale gules and sable, a pale between a griffin segreant and a fret

Amphelisia Baillie - name

Arianwen ferch Maelgwn - name and device
     Vert, a seeblatt argent, a chief argent fretty sable.  Submitted as
"Arianwen ferch Maelgwyn", while Gruffudd does list the spelling Maelgwyn, he
references it to the correct for of the name Maelgwn.  The form Maelgwyn is a
modern one.  While the Penguin edition of the Mabinogi and various other
tales does list Maelgwyn in its index, this appears to be nothing more than a
typo.  The name appears in the text of that edition as Maelgwn and this is
the spelling in the original manuscript as well.  Therefore, we have changed
the name to the documented form.

Chryse Raptes - device
     Vairy Or and sable, a bend and a bordure gules

Cussata de Courtenay - name

Dalkr Halftroll Snjolfsson - name (see RETURNS for device)

Dunlaith nic Niam - name and device
     Per bend sinister sable and gules, a bend sinister between six unicorn's
heads erased contourny, a bordure argent.

Dunstan of Manchester - name (see RETURNS for device)

Eleanor Hamilton - name

Elspeth Macalpin - name and device
     Or, a needle bendwise threaded sable, a chief embattled vert

Emma Camber of Athelnay - name

Eogan Mac Ailpein - name and device
    Quarterly vert and gules, a hare sejant erect contourny argent, in chief
three increscents Or.

Genevieve d'Evreux - name and device
     Azure, on a bend wavy argent between two butterflies Or three roses

Heinrich Kreiner - Augmentation of Arms
     Per saltire Or and azure, a hurst of oak trees proper, as an
augmentation on a canton sable, a decrescent argent, a base indented of three
points argent

Hreodbeorht MacBeath - badge
    (Fieldless) A pheon inverted sable

Iain Ruadh Mac Dhomhnuill - name and device
     Per chevron throughout sable and gules, in base, a winged lion dormant
wings elevated and addorsed Or.

Krestiia Alla Galychskaia - name and device
     Argent, on a bend bevelled sable two slippers argent.  Submitted as
"Krestiia Alla Galychskaya", that used two different transliteration styles.
 We have changed the surname to match the transliteration style of the given

Lisa Filshenri - holding name and device (see RETURNS for name)
     Azure, a lion's head cabossed, on a chief argent three roses azure.  The
name was submitted as "Lyon Filshenri".

Luigi Santini da Sutera - device
     Or, a dragon courant and in base two trees vert, on a chief sable three
mullets Or.

Mac Con mac Rodain - device change
     Per pall azure, sable and argent, three paw prints two and one Or.  His
previous device, "Per pall sable, azure and argent, three paw prints Or, is
hereby released.

Megara di Alessandra - badge
     (Fieldless) Two annulets interlaced issuant from a barrulet arched
couped, overall a quill pen palewise sable.  Note: this motif is
grandfathered to the submitter.

Megara di Alessandra - Augmentation of arms
     Sable, a fury rampant affronty, sinister hand lowered, vested argent,
winged Or, maintaining in her dexter hand a torch bendwise sinister proper,
as an augmentation maintaining in her sinister hand a round shield Or charged
with a unicornate natural sea horse azure.

Morwenna of Oakleigh - device change 
     Per chevron azure and Or, two escallops inverted argent and a turtle
tergiant vert.
Her former device "Or, a turtle vert within a mascle azure" is hereby

Philippa Grey - badge
    (Fieldless) A griffin sejant, dexter forepaw raised sable.  Very nice

Rachael of Hawkeswood - name and device
     Per chevron throughout sable and azure, three increscents, a chief

Sebastian Silverwolfe - name

Stefan O'Reilly - name and device
     Vert, on a pile between two bows addorsed Or two fire arrows inverted in
saltire sable enflamed gules.

Stefan O'Reilly - badge
     (Fieldless) A sheaf of three fire arrows inverted sable enflamed gules

Talbot Beman - name

Temair MacDiarmada - badge
     (Fieldless) A comet bendwise sable bearded Or.

The following items were RETURNED by Laurel at her November meeting.

Dalkr Halftroll Snjolfsson - device
     Sable, a horse skull affronty Or, flaunches argent estencely gules.
 This is being returned for a redraw.  As drawn, the horse's skull is
virtually unidentifiable.

Dunstan of Manchester - device
    Ermine, a panther rampant gules incensed azure, on a chief gules a sword
reversed proper.  This is being returned for a redraw.  As drawn, the monster
is not clearly a panther, a Continental panther or a tyger, but something
that shares the characteristics of all three.  Since we register the picture,
not the words, this must be redrawn to be clearly one thing or another.

Lyon Filshenri - name
     Lyon was stated in the letter of intent as coming from Dauzat.  While
this is a true statement, Dauzat only shows it as a surname, and not as a
given name.  Without documentation that it was used as a given name in our
period, it cannot be used as a given name in the SCA, so (we) are forced to
return this name.  The armory was registered under the holding name "Lisa

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