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Re: [Fwd: [Mid] How Talymar gave Ealdoremere back its name]

Poster: pwp@cs.cmu.edu

<   My apologies for not including this before.  The message that I forwarded
< was originally posted by Duke Finnvarr.

I was hoping the good Duke would send an opinion on how things looked
from up there at the time.

>From what my lady wife Genevieve, who was Middle Kingdom Seneschal at
the time, says she remembers, the essence of the problem is that the
phrase "Talk to people before you act." cuts both ways -- apparently
some folks were whipping up regional sentiments while telling the
crown "nothing is going on".

(I'm not willing to judge, even with 20-20 hindsight, whether the
Crown acted with too much force.  I suspect that His Grace Alen Elegil
has an opinion.  I further suspect that his current opinion may be a
surprise to some of the Ealdomerian crowd who think they were wronged,
and finally I suspect that no one will bother to ask him.)

Call me a crank, but I like to learn from _all_ the history, not just
some of it.

		--Tofi, BMDL, AEthelmearc
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