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Re: Unevent

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Scripsit Rhiannon:

> Ooh!  My turn!  The Golden Dolphin Herald will be holding a consult table
> for those interested...

Um, boss, let's not bury Herveus before he's even done his last LoI. Since
Herveus can't make Unevent, the Golden Dolphin Herald Designate will be
filling in for him at the consult table. (Which makes sense, seeing as all
the submissions therefrom would end up on my plate anyway.) The consult
table will run from 10-ish to 1:15-ish, and perhaps again from 3:30-ish to

Heralds! If you are coming to Unevent, please *please* PLEASE come help
out at the consult table when you aren't in other meetings. Those of you
who have volunteered to run a consult table next year - I *expect* to get
help from you...

In service,

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