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Unevent URGENT INFO (fwd)

Poster: Leila Mohajerin <lmohajer@email.unc.edu>

Dear People of the Kingdom!

First of all, Chapel Hill has scheduled their Christmas Parade on
Saturday.  This means you must avoid Franklin Street! If you plan on
coming in on Hwy 86 (Airport Rd) you will not be able to cross Franklin
between the hours of 9:30 and 12noon.  Please contact me (919)929-8523 if
you need new directions. If you are coming in on 15/501 this should not
affect you at all.

The schedule for Unevent is CHANGED!

This is the most recent listing (December 1). Please check your meeting

 8:30	Site opens
10:00   Seneschals, Chirurgeons, Chivalry, Barons & Baronesses 
11:00   Chatelaines, Marshals, Laurels 
12:00   Lunch Break 
 1:30   Heralds, Rapier Marshals, Golden Dolphins 
 2:30   Exchequers, Archery Marshals, Pelicans, G. Dolphin Herald's
 3:30   Exchequers (cont.), Chroniclers, A&S Officers, Sea Stags 
 4:30	Chroniclers (cont.), List Officers, Pearls, White Scarves 
 6:00	Site Closes - Dinner Break
 7:00	Dessert & Dance revel next door to the site!

Unevent and the revel will be held in period garb.

Sunday morning the site re-opens at 8:30 with Curia at 9:30

Curia will be held in modern dress.

Unevent and Curia will be held in Greenlaw. The revel will be held in the
Student Union.

We will not be providing lunches, but we will have maps to local eateries.

I look forward to seeing everyone!

Lady Sveva

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