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Re: The search continues ... (if you get bored, skip to the bottom, for my question)

Poster: Franca E Gorraz <francagorraz@sprintmail.com>

Porter, Timothy W. wrote:
> Poster: "Porter, Timothy W." <Porter@alhrm.brooks.af.mil>
> Cedric enters the Merry Rose and casually glances around the tavern.  This
> first cursory look yields him no useful information.  Cedric sighs as he
> realizes he must exam the patrons more closely to find the right one.
> He heads into the common room and first notices a large gentleman wearing
> bracers and standing next to a wooden shield.  Cedric steps closer, but then
> notices the heavy sword hanging at the man's side.
> Disappointed, Cedric continues into the room.  Then his eyes fall on one of
> the most beautiful women he's ever seen.  Entranced, he steps closer and
> begins to think about having a soft word with this woman and possibly
> learning her name.  As he nears, the lagging doubt in his mind bursts into a
> full conscience and states firmly, "Cedric, you are not here to dally, but
> to gain information.  Time is short, move on."  Ah, such beauty as that will
> never have to pick up a blade in her own defense.  Surely any gentleman with
> two working eyes would leap to her aid if necessary.  She most assuredly
> would not have the information he needs.
> His wandering brings him to another woman.  She has short black hair and
> from the way her clear skin slides over well muscled limbs she certainly
> enjoys a fair bit of exercise.  She is boasting to her companions of her
> recent exploits on the field of valor.  At last Cedric has found someone who
> may aid him.  He approaches in time to see her tap a sturdy helmet on the
> table in front of her, reach to grab a 7 foot spear and make a hardy toast.
>  Alas, she may be well versed in the arts of combat, but probably does not
> have the information Cedric requires.
> He heads to the bar to quench his thirst.  For it is said all throughout the
> known world that the Merry Rose has the finest mead anywhere.  (That is,
> when Sven hasn't polished it all off)  There, standing at the bar, a man who
> is unmistakably the one Cedric has come to find.  Everything about him gives
> this away: puffy white shirt under a garish paisley doublet, useless little
> cape thrown carelessly behind one shoulder, trousers tucked into boots that
> should extend all the way to the man's shoulders, but have carelessly fallen
> and gathered around his knees, a leather hat with the brim pinned up on one
> side and sleeping down over one eye on the other, atop this hat a red and
> white feather that must certainly be from some exotic bird.  But, the final
> piece to the puzzle is the three foot rapier at the man's side.
> Cedric walks confidently up to the man and proclaims, "Greetings my lord, I
> see from your dress that ..."
> The man cocks his head and questions, "How, my dress?"
> Cedric quickly corrects himself, "That is to say the manner in which you are
> attired has caused me to believe that you might possibly have some
> information I require."
> "You say that simply my clothes, which are at the height of fashion, make
> you believe this thing.  Well, come my good fellow, do not waste a minute in
> explaining how I may have the honor of assisting you.  Is it a tailor you
> require?"
> Cedric pauses, "No, not a tailor, and not completely your clothes, but your
> fine attire combined with the equally fine rapier you carry ..."
> The gentleman frowns, "My rapier?  Then it is a quarrel you have, and you
> seek satisfaction.  Well sir, I assure that the woman promised me that she
> did not have a husband, or I assure you I would never have ..."
> "No, kind sir," Cedric hastens to interrupt, "it is not a duel I seek, but
> information.  I am looking for the means to gain access to a meeting place
> for those who practice the graceful art of fence.  I have tacked a short
> message up to some wall in town, but have received nothing in response.  I
> do believe that I did not have the correct place."
> To which the stranger answers with no small measure of relief (for if it be
> known, Cedric also carries a rapier with a well worn handle and a confident
> walk that would lead the most astute observers to conclude that he can
> handle himself fairly well when necessary), "Certainly my kind sir, it is my
> honor to tell you that we gather and discuss at ...."
> (an inquiry from the soon to be in Atlantia Cedric)
> (pardon the stereotypes, but they get the point across)
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As the well attired gentleman is about to respond, people who appear to 
know him well come up, loudly announcing their delight in meeting again
their long-lost and happily surprised friend. Cedric politely steps back, 
smiling at the flurry of laughter and joyous words, only to have a woman 
approach him with a smile ; 'My Lord, I think I might assist you, if you 
will allow me. In the fair land of Bright Hills many skilled and 
chivalrous men and women uphold the noble art of the rapier.  They meet 
every Monday night, and they will be sure to honor and welcome a new 
The woman now curtsies and takes her leave, after handing the gentle Lord 
a slip of paper with an address: Franklin Middle School on Reistertown 
Rd, (Just outside Baltimore), around 8.00 pm...

Lady Eleonora Salutati, Chatelaine of Bright Hills   / Franca Gorraz

Please feel free to email me for directions or questions, and welcome
to Atlantia!
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