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Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 15:54:13 EST
From: Westley H Bennett <bladestarr@juno.com>
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Subject: See what you're missing at Blade Starr's World of Fantasy!!!!

Go To http://www.suresite.com/ct/b/bladestarr to read the latest chapter
of this virtual novel!
                                The World of Tipnepo
        The Dragonlord Rashimiere had plundered the continent of Jerios
for many years.  He had enslaved the men of northern Pike, forcing them
to work in his mines night and day.  People attempted to resist him, but
all failed at the cost of their lives.  However, a King of Elves,
Trillin, rose from the city of Belemir and used his magic to help remove
the fear from people's hearts.  With the aid of the Mages of Podu and
support of the people of Jerios, Trillin destroyed Rashimiere and
shattered his Crystal of Power, spreading the shards to the corners of
the world so that their evil power will never again corrupt the world. 
The battle, however, was not without it's losses.  Trillin had used the
last of his strength to shatter the crystal and separate the Shards, and
died right after.  The town of Belemir was destroyed and layed in ruin. 
However, the people would not give up hope and rebuilt the town, and
lived peacefully for a while.  However, someone new is seeking the
for their power, and may bring the world to an end if brought together.
        So begins the tale of the second age of the World of Tipnepo...
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