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Re: Principality

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Findlaech mac Alasdair wrote:
>I think it would be most helpful in framing this discussion to have 
some more specifics on the reality of a Principality.<<<

>1.  What is the relationship between the Crowns (?) of a Principality 
>and the Crowns of the parent kingdom?  Is it analagous to a 
>royal/baronial relationship, or something different?

I have lived in the Principality of An Tir (on a Kingdom Track) and the 
Principality of Cynagua (not on a Kingdom Track).

In my experience, the relationship between the Coronet and the Crown was 
similar to Baronial Coronet and Crown.  The Prince/ss had the power to 
bestow awards, both Principality and Kingdom level, and was the 
representative of the King in the Principality.

>Does a Principality have separate orders (e.g., Pearl, Golden >Dolphin, 
etc.)?  If so, how do these relate/interact with kingdom >level orders 
(or do they)?

In Western Rite Kingdoms, the Kingdom level awards that the Prince/ss 
could bestow have no analogue in Atlantia.  The closest relationship 
would be to the Pearl and Golden Dolphin.  (Rose Leaf and Leaf of Merit)  
But the Leaf awards are NOT polling orders, and the mechanics of a 
Prince/ss of UNNP being given the power to award a Pearl or GD are 
decidedly much different than those of deciding to award a Leaf in the 
West.  It might not work as well here.

In General, Prince/sses may award AoAs with the approval of the Crown. 
Depends on Kingdom Law.  Many, if not most Principalities do develop 
their own awards at the Principality level, as Baronies do.  However, 
those awards generally carry no precedence, in that they do not convey 
Arms.  Only the Crown may award Arms, even if they let a Prince/ss or 
Baron/ess do it for them.

(One kingdom allows each Barony to have an award that also carries arms.  
But the Baron/ess may only give that award with the permission of the 

>What about the peerages?

That would not change.  Only a Crown can award a Peerage.  The Crown of 
Atlantia already has the option to delegate that authority to whomever 
It wants.  That would not change with a Principality.  If the Crown 
wanted to delegate the awarding of a Peerage to a Prince/ss It could.  
Generally this is done on a case by case basis.

>3.  Does a Principality have separate independent officers, officers 
who serve under kingdom officers, or something else?

A Principality has the same cadre of Great Officers that a Kingdom or 
Barony has.  Seneschal(e), Exchequer, Herald, Chronicler, MOAS, Marshal.  
Chatelaine, Lists, Constable, Chirurgeon, etc. also, depending on 
Kingdom law and local custom.

Terry L. Neill                          Anarra Karlsdottir
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