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Re: Forward from Earl Dafydd

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>


Becky McEllistrem wrote:
> Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>
> And how many Crown Tourneys would the entire region be
> required to have then, 3?!
> >From one a little cynical on the issue, this is getting to sound
> a little bit too silly.
> Rebecca the Contrary

No, Rebecca, only one Crown Tourney.  For a principality, they are
called Coronet Tourneys.

In support of what Lora Leigh mentioned, it is possible.  In fact, it
has been a successful way to sustain, maintain, and strenthgen a kingdom
while it grows.  Ask Atenveldt; however, Atenveldt has become an
argument against this practice as they were forced to disband their
Principality of the Sun as the kingdom and the principality finally
covered the same land.  The principality figurehead was then
superfluous.  This kind of hurt some of the Solar folk.  They loved the
traditions they built over an extraordinary period of time, and had to
give them up in defference to their beloved kingdom.

I'm for what's good for the kingdom.  There is a plethera (did I spell
that right Daffffyd?) of arguments for and against and this issue is not
going to be easy to iron out.  There are some pretty strong feelings
attached to this subject on a thousand different facets of impact.  This
is where we face the question/challenge of whether or not we are "grown
up" enough to have a principality.  Our readiness will show in our
ability to reach some modicum of consensus, then be able to act without
hard feelings and with an intrinsic collaborative effort.

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