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Re: [EK] Operation Renaissance Persona

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

I have to say I agree with you for the most part, Judith.  In fact,
I've even commented once or twice on the fact that even at Renfests,
most of actors there stay in persona far far more than the average
SCAdian (of course, they're being paid to do it ;->).

Perhaps Caer Adamant and Spiaggia Levantina should do a joint 'persona
only' event some day?  People caught speaking out-of-persona
unnnecessarily in the public areas could have to do penance or
something. ;-)


> -Poster: BLorenz753 <BLorenz753@aol.com>
> Greetings unto all!
>     I'm going to be blunt here, so pray pardon the lack of flowery transitions
> which normally accompanies my writing....
>    When was the last time that you (the general populace) stayed in persona at
> an event? When was the last time that you had a discussion at an event that
> was non-mundane (ergo, not about your job, your car, your computer, etc.)?
> When was the last time that you really felt the magic of the SCA (not
> including Pennsic)?
>     I have observed (at least in Atlantia and the East) that most people at
> events spend most of their time discussing (or complaining about) Mundane
> things in a Mundane fashion.  In other words, no one "plays persona" anymore.
> A Mundane observer once said to me at a demo, " You all look like actors
> dressed up on the stage without actually doing anything."  I have heard "old-
> timers" of the SCA talk about the mystique, about the magic that was created
> by actually employing one's persona.  In general, I think that we have lost
> touch with the orginal intent of the SCA---that being to recreate, to relive
> our Period. This means much more than simply putting on the pretty costumes
> and beating each other with rattan sticks.
>      Now, how do we remedy the situation, you might ask?
>      We as a Society need to make a concerted effort to actually "play" our
> personas; we need to limit our discussion of the real world (notice I didn't
> say eliminate it---such a thing would be very difficult if not impossible); we
> need to employ proper titles of address, more Period behaviors, and more
> Period speach patterns.  These things are not and should not be mannerisms
> restricted to Laurels!
>      Most importantly, however, is that we need to teach the Dream to our
> novices, teach them properly the titles, the behavior, the language.  They are
> our future, our children---with them, we can recultivate the Dream of a
> Medieval Living History Society.
>      So, I suppose this letter was written in hopes that someone else out
> there shares my concerns and my hopes for our Society, and that perhaps
> someone out there will help me in my mission to start a revolution of sorts.
> In Service to the Once and Future Dream,
> Judith de Northumbria
> p.s.This letter was one big generalization.  Please do not take any of it
> personally as I mean no offense.

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