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RE: Please translate Heraldese...

Poster: Ed Hopkins <Ed.Hopkins@mci.com>

> > Gules, a fess wavy cotised Or, overall a unicorn rampant contourny
> > and on a chief argent three arrows fesswise gules.

[someone suggested] 
> [...]  On the red and gold section, there's a white   
> unicorn rearing facing the right side (as you look at it).

[someone else suggested]
> Plopped on top of the rectangle, and spilling over the top and
> bottom of it (just as if it wasn't there) is a unicorn.  It is
> rearing, and facing to the viewer's right, and is silver.

I would just like to add another salient point to this discussion.
This silver unicorn doesn't rear up the way Silver did on
"The Lone Ranger", i.e. with both hind legs on the ground.
This unicorn has only one hind foot on the ground.  The other
hind leg sticks up in front of the unicorn, and one of the front
legs points up high while the other one points down between the
raised hind leg and the raised foreleg, almost as if the unicorn
wants to cover as much shield as it can.  Animals in just this
awkward pose are rampant in heraldry.

-- Alfredo
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