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Re: FW: Upcoming exhibit at the Met

Poster: Noramunro <Noramunro@aol.com>

Corun wrote:

<< There are even some very fine
 examples of a loop stitch style of embroidery know to embroiderers as stump
 work, a technique that shows up in England in the 17th century. It was
 being done in China hundreds of years earlier. Can you say Primary Source?
 Sure, I knew you could. >>

Smallish clarification here ... the stitch in question (called needleloop
embroidery in the exhibit and catalogue) is very similar to the *needlelace*
technique used in stumpwork, aka raised embroidery.  In the examples from this
exhibit, the stitch was worked over gold and silver paper, which adds some
sparkle.  The use of padding, typical of stumpwork, is not part of the Chinese

For the record, I still have not seen any evidence for needleloop or
stumpwork-type embroidery in Europe that dates from before 1600.  Anyone out
there with such evidence is cordially invited to share with the group.

As for the rest of it ... what Corun said.  Way cool exhibit.

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