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Lost Necklace Found

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Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

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Poster: cgb5@cornell.edu

Read this carefully!! (I thought about it carefully - I think I've got it 
right this time...)

For starters, I'm a ditz.
The Bardic is *not* planned for tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 7th)
The Bardic is *not* planned for this coming Friday, Jan. 9th.
In short, I feel silly - I got my dates mixed up. My Bardic will be on 
Friday, January 16th. If you show up tomorrow, well, you're welcome to 
come over, but I won't necessarily be here. But you can hang out with my 
little brother...>:) 
My apologies for the confusion and to those who won't be able to make the 
Friday Bardic. Dates and decisions are about as difficult for me (but not 
quite) as navigation. As for next Friday, show up whenever, 6, 7ish, and 
since it's a weekend, this Bardic has the potential to last into the wee 
hours of the evening. So if you can't come early, come on over later on! 
If you're not sure, give me a call! Call the (919) 493-9304 number 
preferably if you're going to call after, oh, 11 or so. 

And while I'm posting yet another message, would some gentle be so kind as 
to let me know if there's been anyone on the Merry Rose asking about a 
lost necklace? I found one left at the Bardic at Twelfth Night and, while 
I do like the necklace, if I'd lost it I'd want it back. So if someone 
could either post to the MR for me and mention the necklace, or send me 
an email about how I could go about doing that myself (or the name/email 
of the autocrat and/or some other way to get in touch with lost and found 
people), I would greatly appreciate it. :>


"If I only had a brain..."

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