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Poster: E-Lady@worldnet.att.net (Elizabeth Orwig)

Greetings members of the Merry Rose.

I humbly introduce myself.  My name is Erzebet Fauconneau. I come from
Merridies most recently, but my HOME kingdom has always been Calontir.

I have been in the Society since 1990.  Not nearly as long as many of you.
I beg your indulgance as I plod along in my new kingdom.  I have lived here
a little over a year. My first event was this last 12th Night.  I must say
it was probably the best time i have had in several years.  I wish to thank
you all for that.

Now I will lurk a while so as to not insert my foot into my mouth too many
times until i know the ins and outs of the folks here.

Thank you good gentles for your indulgance.

Erzebet Fauconneau
(lizzie to friends)
    You're dancing on a high-wire. 
         You need to be so sure.         There used to be a life-line.
                                                   There isn't anymore....

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