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More inf. on Bow class

Poster: "Robert Skidmore" <bobalink@southconn.com>

Thank you all who replied to the Bow making class inquiry last week. 
In reply to the most common question the Feast of St. Godiva is being held
here in the Shier of Border Vale Keep (Augusta, GA ). The cost of the stave
of hickory is around 45 dollars (not including shipping). I am attempting
to see if a friend will let me go cut some trees on his property and
hopefully reduce this fee down to nothing. The two instructors are NOT
members and have graciously offered their time for free. The class is
limited to 10 people due to the depth of the material.  If you wish to
attend and order a stave from my supplier, I need to send the order off by
March 1. This will allow time for the order to be filled and for me to dry
the stave prior to the event. Also you need to bring a draw knife, or some
kind of wood working knife. If possible a spoke shave (straight blade), a
Ferraris rasp(if you can find one), cloths, and a good vice that can clamp
on to a table.  That is all for now . More updates to follow. Thank you for
your time and interest.
						In Service to All,
						Robert the Forgotten

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