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Re: Internet doings at FCC

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

[It's my intent that this be my only response to the Merry Rose, but
would prefer to take this discussion elsewhere.]

Harold Feld wrote:
> (Even if your provider maintains its own backbone, there is usually some
> transfer along public lines.)

The only transfer along public lines would be those dial-up customers
making calls into their ISPs.  There is no transfer along public lines
from the ISP itself.

> Second, telcos are running scared of Internet telephony.  Charging long-distance
> rates would help kill the development of technology in this area.

I don't understand who's running scared, seeing as how most telcos
(LECs, IXCs and CAPs) make a great deal of money from the development of
this technology.

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