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Herald's letter for the March Acorn

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Unto the populace and the heralds of Atlantia, does Lady Rhiannon ui
Neill, Triton Principal Herald, send greetings this January 31st.

Two steps forward, three back...

Last quarter, I lacked only one group report for having 100% reporting.
This was soooo close, I was sure we'd meet it this time, but...  no,
disappointed again...

The following groups are delinquent for the 4th quarter (Oct 1-Dec 31)
1997 report:

Berley Court; Cathanar; Crannog Mor; Cwmnewydd; Cyddlain Downs;
Marshall's Keep; Misty Marsh; Sacred Stone (Barony of); Saxon Moor; and

In addition, I have no evidence of having received a 3rd quarter report
for Cathanar.  Missing 2 consecutive reports constitutes a resignation
of office and places the group in danger of suspension.

The bell is also tolling for the following at-large or deputy heralds. 
These persons have either (1) failed to report 2 consecutive quarters;
(2) filed 3 consecutive no activity reports; or (3) a combination of
both:  Peter Hawkyns, Gelen MacGuinneagain, Rioghnae Slaine ni Choniall,
Achbar ibn Ali, William of Oland, Alfwyn av Bornholm, Balian of Boxgrove
Hall, Alexii Stafnovick.  Their warrants are currently suspended and
will be removed should I not hear something from them by February 28th.

Thanks to the reports I DID receive, I can gladly tell you that most
heralds in this kingdom are working really hard and doing a great job! 
They are learning more about heraldry and medieval style, are educating
their groups and helping people submit lots and lots of heraldry!  For
our size, Atlantia has pretty good sized Letters of Intent each month
and few returns from Laurel!  

I hope to see lots of people at the marshals/heralds/mol's/chiurgeons
event (In the Trenches) on March 28th!  This will be a great opportunity
to teach all of us how important or difficult the other guy's job is and
how to work better together...  We field personnel are a team and should
act like one.  It should be lots of fun as well as educational!  If
you've ever considered entering one of the field disciplines, come on
out and learn!  And if you fight, come play!  There'll be plenty of GOOD
FIGHTING to keep you entertained!  Until then,

Be courteous, be helpful, be happy,

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