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Re: Heraldry question: CD's for color

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

Help!!!   Rhiannon they can be taught.

Poster: Eric Stoneking <estoneki@swales.com> wrote:

>>My latest device submission was recently bounced by Laurel for conflict.
I'm considering revising it by simply changing the tinctures.  Would anyone
have an opinion as to whether this will fly?

>>Speaking concretely, "Azure, a comet bendwise between six estoiles 
argent" conflicts with "Azure, estoilly, a sun argent".  (Six equals Many, and
Comet is not sufficiently different from Sun.)  Would changing it to "Vert, a 
comet bendwise between six estoiles Or" provide sufficient difference?

Changing the tinctures as you have described does avoid the conflict with the
deice with the sun.

>>Purely for entertainment value, how far can this be carried?  Does 
"Argent, a thing sable" have two differences from "Sable, a thing 
argent", one for the field and one for the charge?  


>>Would a color change from azure to purpure constitute a sufficient


>>Are some colors 'more different' than others?  (I guess a better way of
asking that is: Are some colors similar enough that their difference may be

No colors are "more different" or "less different" than any other.
Technically speaking, changing tinctures from azure to purpure is one point of
difference by the College of Arms.  Though the colors are similar visually.

>>Thanks for any advice,
>>>-Henri LaGrave

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