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Poster: "Joseph Tolbert" <jlt6@hotmail.com>

To all incipient wainwrights : greetings.

For small (say less than 12 inch diameter) the quick and dirty
wheel can be made by sandwitching 2 or 3 layers of boards at
right angles , gluing and nailing them togather , and cutting
out a disk ,and boring a hole for an axel (wood against metal
for the bearing will last longer than wood against wood). 
The thicker the wheel at the hub the less wobble when it rolls.
(Add a 2x4 block on one or both sides.) ( You can cut a disk
from appropriate thickness plywood , add a block for a hub 
and be done but if the glue is not waterproof, the plywood will
come apart if it gets wet.)

You can then add a tire of iron, leather , or rubber if you wish.

If you want a spoked wheel : there is a section in one of the
Foxfire books showing how to make a spoked wheel , and shrink an
iron tire on it.
I believe that the Woodwright's Shop on PBS did a similar show,
so it may be written up in one of his books.

Dont try just cutting a disk off the end of a log for a wheel -
they always split for me as they dried.

I hope that this is of some help , ( even if only by inciting
the REAL experts to post. )   :-)

Josreph L. Tolbert,Jr.               jlt6@hotmail.com

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