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Re: Re:Knights and Jews in the Middle Ages

Poster: "Steinfeld" <steinfeld@mail.tqci.net>

As I said in my original post, my library had been scrambled and I was
looking for my reference.  I was in fact in error regarding the quote.  The
Papal legate was Arnald-Amalric, the event was the Cathar massacre in
approx 1208 in which 20,000 men women and children were slaughtered by his
order as he reported to the Pope (Inocent III (who was anything but
inocent)) Many were killed during mass.  The incident I referred to (the
jews) occured during the first crusade at the fall of Jerusalem as the
crusaders went through the streets slaughtereing all they found.  The
jewish population, fearing (rightfully) this, had gathered in the main
synagauge which was burned to the ground with them inside.  The exception
to the general barbarity of the events might have been Raymond of Toulouse
who granted, upon surrender, safe passage of a group of muslims out of the
city. (reference for these items is Dungeon Fire and Sword by John

I do appologize for the error in the references, but the general treatment
of the jews during the middle ages was anything but civilized.  Examples
can be found simply by looking at the results of the the Inqusition (Pope
Gregory IX 1223) or the Auto de fe.  As I said in the first post, these
were not things we are proud of, nor are we celebrating them in the
Society, it happened, we are better than that now.  I like to think we are
striving for the ideals of chivalry, not necessarily the way it was
practiced int he period.

As for money-lenders, the topic must consider one of the most powerful
organizations of its day  the Knights Templar who developed many of the
modern practices used today.  I saw a reference indicating that the late
fee on a loan was 60% per year. (Temple and the Lodge).  This was higher
than that charged by jewish money lenders.

Your response, as well as the original notes have caused me to go back and
see if I can find my better reference work.

> From: David W. James <nudity!vnend@uunet.uu.net>
> To: Steinfeld <uunet!mail.tqci.net!steinfeld@uunet.uu.net>
> Subject: re: Re:Knights and Jews in the Middle Ages
> Date: Saturday, February 14, 1998 10:01 AM
> > Poster: "Steinfeld" <steinfeld@mail.tqci.net>
> > It was after all a Papal Legate
> > who uttered the importal word "kill them all, God will know his own"
> > the hills overlooking Jerrusalem.
> 	How odd.  I thought that was a nobleman leading a crusaide against
> 'heretics' in southern France.  (As far as that goes, I thought the
> Papal Legate left the first Crusaide at Acre, but my memory of events I
> didn't take part in isn't totally reliable.
> Kwellend-Njal

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