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longish( RE: Courtesy, when to choose?)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

In my opinion it's a judgement call on the individual.  As Miri mentioned
there may be more to this story than meets the eye.

For instance, when I took office I new that I would have many
that would keep me busy during events (delivering scrolls collecting
etc.) so that I would have to depend on friends more.  "Can you find a seat
for me at feast? etc."  Not being an official member of an Atlantian
household that has placed a burden on my friends.  I feel guilty but it's an
understanding we have between us.

I know that I don't get to see my friends when they're members of royal
entourages with the understanding that they can't hang out with me at
events.  Being a member of a royal entourage means they will be hanging
out at royal.  That's a loss of time spent with friends that I undertsand
and accept when they volunteer for such projects.  Oftentimes I've been
invited to "hang" at royal because the current crown noticed this but I
generally feel like I'm imposing.

If a lord escorting a hat is a member of the royal entourage I would
say the lady of said lord should be warned that she may be neglected
at times when there is no one else to escort.  If many members of the
entourage are already there then the lord should be able to beg out
easily.  If no one else is there than that to me is a responsiblity of
a member of a royal entourage to escort.  This is why when I see 
a royal unescorted I try to point the fact out to someone single who 
can help.

Another point for couples where a member wants to escort a royal:
Why not escort together?  The royal may not have a person on their
arm but having a couple in attendance behind is also an acceptable
escort where both are included.

Sorry to ramble but I have quite a bit of experience with
this sort of thing.

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