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usage of the "n" word

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

I for one, do not think the term "authenticity nazi, rules nazi, marshall 
nazi etc. " is an appropriate term for our society, both in and out of the
SCA.  Sure, you probably don't mean Nazi as in member of the NSDAP or
other member of the extreme right but it still has that connotation.

The term nazi refers to those who espouse a certain political vision which
is based on race and hate.  A real nazi can be polite but that
doesn't make him/her any less a person whose views espouse evil.  Take
your archetypical snobby authenticity nut.  The person may be unpleasant
to be around, a total turnoff to new folks but that doesn't put him or
her to the catagory of a nazi.  

Think a person is rude?  Rise above them and use a better, more
descriptive remark but let the term nazi remain to what it really is, a
bitter, racist who supports a regime built on murder, slavery and rule of


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