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Re: Number of Peers (was: recognizing peers)

Poster: "Karen Lyons-McGann" <dvkld.dev@mhs.unc.edu>

>> which also leads me to wonder - what's the proportion of pelicans to
>> laurels to knights in atlantia? 
> As of November 1997, when last the On-Line Order of Precedence
> was  updated:
> Laurel:		86
> Pelican:		57
> Knight:		75

Can a person be more than one?  I think I know they can, but now must ask 
to make sure.  It makes the numbers a little less precise.  

To the question of whether a Laurel in one interest can competently judge 
a potential Laurel's work in some other field,  I'd say YES.   Many of 
those with A&S interests are not interested in one single topic.  They 
start experimenting in several areas and eventually specialize.  Just as 
a knight may prefer one weapon but will know how to use others, Laurels 
famed for one skill continue practicing and researching others.  The wide 
ranging skills of the Laurels as a group allows for the ability to judge 
if work is merely complete vs well done even if the interest isn't one 
any of them pursue in depth.  If no Laurel out of 86 has even the least 
bit of previous or concurrent practice and research into a topic, they 
can still judge comparatively using their knowledge of related interests. 
 It can be evident even to the non-expert that someone's skill and 
application of the skill is much improved from their early efforts and 
better than what most of the populace (or themselves) will turn out. 


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