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Note (was Awards and all that...)

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

  At the last bussiness meeting for the Barony of Marinus; Her royal
Highness was asked,"Are email recommendations acceptable?" She answered yes.
She also had two suggestiions:
1)Email: Include your Mudane name and Sca name in the post.  So They know
who you are.
2)Send a picture with awards recommendations above AoA. In a picture of a
person recommended for an A&s award take a picture of them with a peice of
work of theirs. Also on all pictures write on the back who the picture is
of.(SCA and Mudane)

  I thought those tips from the Princess of Atlantia  would be helpful for
those who have taken Modrea's challenge.
In Service,
Once known as Myrddin
Different name;still welsh.
M.k.a Joshua Thomas

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