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Fw: ANST - Chocolate Documentation!

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

here is something rather interesting

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From: Mike C. Baker <kihe@rocketmail.com>
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Date: Friday, March 06, 1998 7:01 PM
Subject: ANST - Chocolate Documentation!

>As I am all too aware due to relatively recent studies, there is a
>near overwhelming belief in the SCA that that most divine of
>indulgent foods, to whit CHOCOLATE, is not appropriate to pre-1600
>pursuits and must therefore be declared by Royal Whim as permitted
>or preferred.
>The following location reproduces a secondary source which brings
>documentation of chocolate AS A CONFECTION arguably to 1631ce
>(1652CE English translation of 1631ce Spanish manuscript). In which
>source, the Dames of Mexico purchase chocolate compounded with sugar
>as one would any other sweatmeat at shops in the streets.
>Also includes a range of recipes for the form of drinkable hot
>chocolate that includes hot red chili pepper):
>O.K., so even the Spanish manuscript would be in the "grey area" as
>far as even the A&S documentation standards of several years ago are
>concerned. But this source does provide pre-18th century European
>usage of chocolate candy ("Dames of Mexico" presumably being the
>European colonials and not the peasantry, based upon the titulary
>usage of the term...)
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