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Re: Picking the King

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

Erica Stark wrote:

> Efenwealt Wyslte <wystle@ipass.net>wrote:
> >hugs & kisses
> >Emperor Efenwealt (really "Your Holiness" is fine)
> <giggle>
> Does this make you a lineal descendent of the Emperor Norton I of San
> Francisco?

And, if he is, does he have his own currency like Norton I did?  If so, I
wanna get some.  (For that matter I'd like to get my hands on a Norton I
bill as well, if anyone knows where I can get one)

Oh, and, just to clarify, Emporer Norton I was the first and only
recognised Emporer of the United States (not just SF, though that's his

AEdric the Grene
(Who Really Would Be Happy as Efen's Lord Chamberlain)

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