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Various stuff

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

The Border Vale Keep mailing list is functional and the Spamdeamon killed.
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Still looking for a catchy name....

It only works if people use it. Please do.
Trick remail or auto mail addresses available by request (e.g.,
your.herald@catbox.win.net, or your.OP@catbox.win.net), no charge.


Cleaning out the workshop: street hockey elbows, shin guard/knees, football
quarterback's shoulder pads, "my size". size". First come, first gets. Some
straps missing, some paint on the plastic that shows, but still in pretty good
condition. Freebies!


Taras' Bikes for Tykes was pretty successful last December. Still have one 14"
girl's sidewalk special. Needs paint, let me know the colors and give me some
warning (and warm weather). Also have one boy's 20" beginner's mountain bike.
Could use a little clean up, but rides OK. As usual, free, first come, first

For those of you that didn't catch last year's post on this...

I spend the year scrounging and taking donations of bicycles of all sorts, in
almost any condition. They get cleaned up and or rebuilt, then given away to
whoever wants them or needs them in December. Anybody wants to get involved in
this project is more than welcome. Anybody wants a do-it-yourself project come
grab some parts down off the rafters and walls. More donations cheerfully


I'll try to be available most Thursday nights through 07/02/98 for armor
making, leather work, one-on-one training, and access to the library. Please
call first. I'm occasionally available Saturday afternoons. Again, call first.
Still have plenty of kydex, could use some 12 or 14 gauge cold rolled steel.
Recently got a _pile_ of plough shares to hammer into swords. Larger under
construction now. Still looking for a bigger anvil, up to up to 150 pounds.
Can pay up to $1.00/lb. for a good one; cast iron faced with steel, not one of
the recent Chinese imports that are all soft steel. Rust and some dings that
need dressing OK.  


We're thinking about repeating the Pirate Party over July 4th weekend. Again,
heavy fighting one day all day, and rapier all day the second. Any interest?


Lady Iunilla and I have 12 acres just outside Windsor, S.C. We're thinking
about hosting an 'enchanted ground' sort of event... all modern tents back in
the trees out of sight. No electric or Coleman lights, candles and torches
only. You get the idea - or can help us develop it. Any interest? I hope to be
able to be out there at least two Sundays a month working on the round tower
(earth packed tire construction, bring a shovel, wear gloves) on into summer.
Call me.


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