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update on Sacred Stone's Novice

Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

Greetings Lords and Ladies of the Merry Rose:

I have news of an additional A&S competition being held at Sacred
Novice Tourney event being held May 30th at King's Mountain State Park,
As last year, we will still have the Novice A&S competition where
are to be in a medium that is new to you and that you have learned only
within the last year.  The additional competition, I think, will be a
more fun.  The second competition will be scale model Siege Engines (or
Engines of Warfare) i.e. trebuchet etc.  I have found information that
is period since Leonardo Da Vinci made working scale models of his
inventions before trying them out full size.  Another twist to this
competition will be that any model that actually works will be given
points than one that just looks correct but doesn't have moving parts. 
always, documentation isn't required, but once again more points will be
awarded for a documented model than one not documented at all.

I know we have some very talented people out there, hopefully some of
are even secret miniaturests at heart?  I challenge all of you to build
best scale model siege engine and come compete in our competition.

In Service,
Lady Deborah La Viaggiatrice
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