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Re: Cambok

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Odinson13 wrote:
> Poster: Odinson13 <Odinson13@aol.com>
> In a message dated 98-03-21 11:04:34 EST, Taras writes:
> << It would seem that Cambok is actually a medieval version of 43-Man
> Squamish.
>   >>
> O-Kay, now I'm confused. Is Cambok a medieval sport or the invention of Earl
> Dafydd.
> Odinson

It's a real period sport - how much is known about it you'd have to
ask Dafydd, or another games scholar. When I was doing some reseach
of my own last year I cited him a medieval engraving on a ewer showing
two cambok players - it was obvious. At this point I can't remember
exactly where it was, or if I own the book or not. I did send it to
him. (A ewer is a pitcher or liquids container).

Dafydd's in high drive in the middle of his dissertation now so I'm 
sure he'd just love to look for it. Me, I'm in the middle of my usual
Fibrofog (decreased mental acuity from Fibromyalgia).

Tag. You're it. :)

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