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Coronation Trip Report (WAS Re: Quiet)

Poster: Eldred@concentric.net

Greetings from Eldred!

Asks Istvan:

> I haven't seen anything from the Merry Rose in ages.  Has it really been
> this quiet?  What happened at Coronation?

Yes, the Merry Rose has been quiet.  A lot of people are over in the back
room discussing Principality issues.

Coronation was quite...memorable.  I'd rather wait to post details about
who received awards/recognition/etc. once I get my own facts straight.  I
will tell the tale from Uncle Eldred's perspective....

Under normal circumstances, I probably would not have travelled to
Coronation.  The site was over eight hours from my home, and across three
states, however, my Baron and Baroness were personally invited to sit at
high table with Their Majesties, and as my lady wife is a lady-in-waiting
to her Excellency, she felt she should go as well.  Since I like being
with my wife, and I have never actually gotten to SEE a Coronation (I've
been to two, but have missed each one by ten minutes *feh*) I elected to

We left early Friday afternoon from the Canton of Falcon Cree (Greenville,
SC for those of you without an _Acorn_).  A mighty storm front followed
us--or we followed it--through the Barony of Sacred Stone.  Thunder,
lightning, driving rain, small tornadoes, and a ten vehicle, three lane
car accident in front of us on I-85 did not stay us from our course (no,
this really happened, I am not exaggerating!).  No one appeared injured,
and the shopping cart in the middle of the Interstate appeared to be the
only wheeled item that escaped injury.   We figured it had something to do
with Spring Equinox.

We arrived in lower Virginia (I'm not even sure from Julien's Map o'
Atlantia where we were) without further incident, although an NY driver
almost backed over her Excellency while we were exiting the Pizza Hut.  We
discovered something interesting about the eastern part of Virgina--nearly
every state road near the coast begins with a `6' (610, 611, 646, etc.).
After arriving at our motel, we discovered that the office closed at
9:00pm (we arrived at 9:15)  We had to rouse the owner to let us in.

The next morning we set out for the Coronation site.  A bit drizzly, and
when we got to the site, we discovered that 4 wheel drive is a good thing!
Virginia coast mud is sandy and goopy, but at least it rinses off easily
(unlike South Carolina red clay).  Without much slippage, we arrived on
site at about 9:00am.  Duke Logan may think mud skiing with a Buick is
fun, but it is a lot more fun with a Suburban!

We stayed in the hall for a bit and helped set up for Last Court.  We were
entertained by Mistress Jaelle and Baron Eldrid's debate on authenticity
and the SCA.  During the debate a maintenance man from the Boy Scout Camp
arrive and announced that he was there to fix the water heater.
Apparently, the hall (at least) did not have water when the site opened.
Mistress Jaelle asked if the gas ovens were OK to use, and his response
was that they had not been turned on in ten years, but he would check them
out for her (I may have misremembered this part so don't hold me to it).
Evidently, the ovens were OK.

Last Court started about half an hour late, but I don't think anyone was
particularly upset.  Their Majesties wore red and black, and those outfits
looked _cool_.  At this point my memory of the sequence of events becomes
muddled for two reasons that shall soon be apparent.  One of the first
items of business was the elevation of a new Laurel.  I feel terrible that
I cannot remember the Lady's name, however, she was Master Eldrid's
apprentice in armoring, and the fingered gauntlets that were presented as
her masterwork were absolutely _gorgeous_ pieces of work.  From my front
row seat, I got a good look at them.

His Majesty apparently was suffering from an oncoming cold, and as the
Court herald seemed to need some relief, Rhiannon presented them with
cough drops.  Unfortunately, His Majesty did not care for grapefruit
flavored cough drops....a most interesting look of distaste crossed his
features.  Rhiannon took pity and handed His Majesty an assortment of

During the reading of one gentle's scroll, the phrase "Done by Our hands
this 21st day of March at the Coronation of Michael and Seonid" was heard.
HRM Logan sat up and looked around at His herald and asked "Is there
something I don't know about?"

About halfway through Court, there was an explosion and scream from the
kitchen. Everyone in the hall leapt to their feet and to their credit many
rushed to render aid.  I am very pleased at the number of people willing
to help, but in an emergency we need to remember to let the trained
professionals go in unhindered.  The Court herald, Baroness Prydain(I
believe) has a very commanding presence, which she used very effectively
to prevent confusion, and to order everyone safely out of the hall.  and
into the rain.  I was very impressed that people kept calm and were
orderly in their retreat.

Luckily, there were no major injuries, although there were at least four
people with minor burns.  One of the cooks (my apologies, but her name has
gone right out my head) had first degree burns on her arm and got her
hair singed, Mordeye's oldest girl, Jessica and Herveus and Megan's
oldest daughter, Heather received first degree burns on their ankles,
and Herveus and Megan's son Danny got his tunic crisped and a new haircut.
Those who still felt up to it went back to work in the kitchen once it
was deemed safe again.

When a year gets taken off your life from fright, it makes Court seem a
lot longer....  Court recommenced, and as we all got settled, His Highness
walked into the back of the hall.  At this point, His Majesty stood up and
called out:  "Your Highness!"  Responded the Prince, "Yes, Your Majesty?"


The Prince's response is unknown to me as laughter erupted throughout the

Last Court continued to be quite amusing as a skunk made its way into
Court and perched upon the Court herald's shoulder.  It was a friendly
skunk, because it waved to the populace, and rubbed the herald's cheek.
His Majesty had some difficulty determining why the populace found his
pronouncements so amusing.  Her Majesty figured it out, but was rendered
speechless--I'm not sure whether in amusement or horror.  One of the
guardsmen was the culprit, and I think he may become Squire Pell at the
next fighter practice....8^)

One of the last items of business was a Grant of Arms.  Their Majesties
can work wonders indeed, for they managed to render a Herald speechless.

As Their last act, Logan and Arielle released the Royal Retainers from
their duties, and thanked them for helping make Their reign successful.
It was very touching, and I saw more than one or two tears here and there.

Coronation itself was quite simple.  The Triton Principal Herald read out
the charges to Their Highnesses concerning the duties and responsibilities
of the rule of the Kingdom, to which Their Highnesses responded that they
would fulfill those obligations.  The final step was to take up the
Royal Coronets and place them on Their heads.  Among the new retainers was
Sir Kai, as His Majesty's Champion, and Sir Logan as Her Majesty's
Champion.  The Great Officers of State were called forth to provide their
oaths, as was the Order of Chivalry, and the Orders of the Laurel and
Pelican.  Once the new retainers were chosen, Lady Tessa was requested
forth with the Royal Menagerie.  There was a dog, a cow, a donkey, and a
new addition to the Menagerie was a skunk.  (It was a cute skunk).
Interestingly enough, each animal was wearing a coronet.  I presume it was
because it was the Royal Menagerie....  Sir Logan had a difficult time not
bursting with laughter....

There was a tournament out on the muddied field, which I did not attend--I
was busy indoors.  Others who were there will need to tell that tale.
There were several merchants, each with interesting wares.  I am pleased
to say that my Lady and I will have some spiffier garb thanks to the
merchants there....

Feast arrived on time, hot, and was quite tasty!  Vivats to Mistress
Jaelle and her kitchen staff.  Double vivats for those who returned to
work in the kitchen after getting caught in the gas explosion!!  During
First Court, Her Majesty awarded each person present in the kitchen at the
time of the explosion, and those chiurgeons who rushed to aid them a
"Silver C" for their bravery "under fire".  During feast, the Kings
Champion, Sir Kai, came forth in full armor, carrying two swords, to
boldly challenge any who would dispute Their Majesties' right to rule.  He
challenged again, and someone near us shifted in their seat, only to earn
such a baleful glare from Sir Kai, that we all moved away from that
person!  The third challenge was also unmet.

Among the Orders and Awards that I remember off the top of my head (but
not which Court they happened in):  Sayyid Rabah was recognized as a 
Companion of the Order of the Pearl for his research and enactment of
period games.  Unfortunately, since I have only been north of Windmaster's
Hill only once, I was unfamiliar with most of the other people present....
*sigh*  Having attended the First Court, I must say that Her Majesty,
Seonid impressed me with her grace and poise throughtout Court.

Perhaps Triton could be persuaded to post the awards that were given
during Last and First Courts??

Many left early, fearing that the muddy track leading back would be
impassable by the time Court was over.  Personally, I felt that it looked
much worse than it actually was....but YMMV (literally!)  I found this a
quite memorable and enjoyable Coronation!

Yours, in service,
Eldred AElfwald, GoA
Gordian Knot (and speechless) Herald

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