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Marshal's announcement for the May Acorn.

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

Greetings Unto Lord Rabah!, What follows is my announcement for the May

Greetings and Felicitations unto Atlantia from the Earl Marshal!

Effective May 1st:

Section II. Atlantian Specific Armor and Weapon Regulations

14.	Armor Regulations.  Atlantia uses the SCA regulations without

15. A.	Armor Inspections.  All combatants must have their arms and armor
inspected by a warranted marshal (armored or rapier depending on the
activity) before participating in combat at each event, practice or
other official activity.

15. B.	Weapon Inspections must be done by the marshal in charge of each
bout.  Unless the marshals have some method of marking already inspected
weapons they must inspect weapons before each bout.  For simple swords,
these checks should be extremely brief.  Marshals should pay more
attention to padded weapons and thrusting tips.

16.	Weapon Regulations.  These are in addition to those weapons
regulation in the SCA Marshal's Handbook.

18. H.	Greatswords must have either one or two edges.  These edges must
be clearly marked.

19.	Hafted Weapons must have clearly marked striking surfaces that must
be no more than half the length of the weapon.  Additional portions of
the haft may be padded but it should be clearly not part of the striking

14, 16, 18 and 19 are clarifications.  15 describes the inspection

37. F. 4. h. Problem Resolution.  Marshal's Court.  Sanctions.
	Probation may include special requirements to address the problem but
must be agreed to by the offender.  The results of violations of
probation must be specified.

The following are minor additions to the authorization procedures. 
These additions are things almost everyone has been doing all along but
not incorporated in the procedures.

45. F.	Combatant Fighting the Authorization Bout (Tester).  The tester
should not be someone who regularly fights or trains with the candidate.

46. I.	Marshals.  Neither of the marshals may be someone who regularly
fights or trains with the candidate.

	Yours in Service to Atlantia

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