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Principality discussion and Whiners

Poster: stephancm@juno.com

I think that if your are not interested enough to make an effort to find
out about the P., you should not make a lot of noise about it one way or
the other.  I have been sort of out of touch with things since before the
P. discussion began.  I was interested in it. So I found out the
information for myself.  It is the same with most of the things in the
SCA.  If your interested  enough in some thing, you will make an effort
to find out about it.  Nobody gets spoon fed in the SCA.  The fact is
that things ARE moving forward in the Principality.  Nobody is trying to
rush it through.  And as I see it, every effort is being made to make as
much information available as possible.  On the P. List they go so far as
to ask people on the list to print out copies of information and pass it
along to those who don't have this extra service of email.  So please
don't whine about not knowing what's going on; or that the Principality
is moving too fast.  The fact that it is moving at all is a miracle as it
is.  So, if you want to know, make a an effort, make a phone call, talk
to someone or just read your Acorn.

Stepping off soap box now

Steffan of Caer Mear

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