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Scientific Historians

Poster: CG Scoop <CGScoop@aol.com>

Vivat to Eogan for putting my thoughts into words.

History is probably vulnerable than any other subject when it come to shoddy
science. Just think of all the inaccuracies we have to face when explaining
the society to outsiders (How do you walk with that 200 lb armor on, etc.

The Arthurian legend is most suseptible to this. I remember being in the
musical Camelot and having to face neumerous people who were "experts" on what
type of armour, weapons and clothing the "REAL" Arthur would have worn. My
friend Wolfgang the Gamesman pointed out when I  told him this story that if
we were going by the "REAL" Arthur, all the actors probably should have been
naked and painted blue!  So forgive some of us scientific-minded folk when we
are snappish in response to innocent questions about meteoric swords, UFO's,
conspiracy theories and the like. It can be annoying to try and keep the
candle of scientific thought alive in the darkness of our modern world.

William of Falestone
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