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Re: Online Awards Recommendation Form

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

rmhowe wrote:
>  It would appear to me that there IS sufficient space on that webpage,
> or could be on one WE design, for reasons to be stated as to why a
> certain person should receive an award. Very specifically.
>  There could also be sufficient room for whoever is proposing that
> award to sufficiently identify themselves for all intensive purposes.
> Names, rank, address, zipcode, barony, canton, shire, checkable email
> address and phone number.

Indeed, you are correct.  Space is a non-issue here.

>  Where's the kingdom award form when we need it now? Many of us have
> one somewhere but we're really not sure where. I think having
> a kingdom award form in the Acorn is a great idea, although maybe every
> other month, to conserve space and printing costs. This will make it
> available to the rest of the subscribing members. Heck, we could have
> a separate webpage just to print one out.

I see no reason as to why we can't do that immediately.  

Corun - when you've sent a copy of the form to the Kingdom Chronicler,
could you get me a copy as well?

>  Frankly, it might be a nice idea to link such a page with the Atlantian
> Awards Page and the Kingdom Order of Precedence (especially now that
> some Baronial awards are also being listed). Then one could check and
> see who has what and even get a rough idea of how long and useful a
> member they have been. In my opinion that would be a real plus.

You've read my mind on that one.  :)

>  I think individual Baronies should have their own if they
> so wish. If it doesn't fly at Kingdom level I also see no reason why
> those Baronies could not use the idea anyway. Most of them have both
> their own webpages and newsletters and not everyone is necessarily
> connected to both - or either for that matter.

Again, we're in complete agreement.  I have no problem if any barony
wants to put up an awards recommendation page of their own so long as
it's acceptable to that group.  But then, that's my policy on any
content from any of my web ministers.

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