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Re: new to area

Poster: GaryH2018 <GaryH2018@aol.com>

In a message dated 4/19/98 9:55:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Lady Bryn opens a
very large can of worms and writes:

> Hi, I just moved to Beaufort, SC in Sept. and am just starting to find
>  people and have time to play.   Unfortunatly I don't know the reasons
>  people are talking of the North becoming a principality.  I do not
>  want to start a huge upcry I just want to know what points each side
>  has so that I can decide how I feel about the issue, or if I even need
>  to care. 
>  Thank you - Lady Bryn Ni MacRose

My Lady,

As a first stop, I would direct you to The Nameless Northern Principality
(TNNP) website at:


for a complete look at the NNP movement.  The link on the main page labeled
"Why a Principality? - Text of the General Mailing" has a good summation of
the reasons for a Principality in northern Atlantia.  Other items on the site
include lists of contacts, an archive of the NNP mailing list, and copies of
various proposals that were current until today's meeting.

Ranulf of Waterford,
Ponte Alto
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