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Historic Ships in Baltimore

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>


In honor of the Whitbread Sailing Race, Baltimore has invited historic 
ships to the Inner Harbor.

On Sunday April 26th, The Longship Company, Ltd. will have on display a 
replica based on the Gokstad faering (smallest boat found in the Gokstad 
burial).  The _Gyrfalcon_ will be on display from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm in 
the Ports of Call Pavilion.  Members of the company will be present, 
dressed in Viking garb, to interpret the boat and Viking life.

The _Gyrfalcon_ will also be on display today (Friday) until 8:00 pm and 
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 6:00 pm at the same place.

(On Saturday, the _Gyrfalcon_ will  be on display in Norfolk, VA at 
Town Point Park, near the SPIRIT of NORFOLK, which is somewhere near the 
waterside mall.)

The 257 foot long Ecuadorian naval sail training ship _Guayas_ will be 
in the inner harbor Until April 27th.  Tours are available.  Lady Ana 
Ilevna says this ship is HUGE and a wonder to see.

The _Kalmar Nyckel_ will be on display April 28 - 30.  She is a replica 
of one of the early colonial settler ships and is doing builder trials.

The _Guayas_ and _Kalmar Nyckel_ are a bit out of our period, but the 
idea of this kind of sailing ship isn't.

_Swedish Match_, the Swedish entry to the Whitbread, is sponsoring an 
exhibit of Viking history.

It sounds like lots of fun, if you have time.


Terry L. Neill                          Anarra Karlsdottir
The Longship Company, Ltd.              Bright Hills, Atlantia
www.wam.umd.edu/~eowyn/Longship/        ěstvik Vikings

            It Takes a Viking to Raze a Village


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