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*WH* June 13 Archery Shoot

Poster: April & Steve Riley <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>

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>From: April & Steve Riley <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>
>Subject: *WH* June 13 Archery Shoot
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>Poster: April & Steve Riley <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>
>There will be an archery shoot, shooting scores for IKAC, IKCAC, and Royal
>Rounds, next weekend, June 13 & 14.  The hours will be from 10:00 am till
>whenever light fails us.  We will also be having Combat arrow making
>The location for the shoot has changed from the O'Reilly's.  Directions for
>the new location are as follows:
>Take 401 into Fuquay-Varina, into downtown.
>When you pass the Golden Corral on your right, turn right at the next stop
>light.  You will then bear right onto Cooleys Farms Road.  Follow this road
>around till you get to the railroad track...remember, STOP!  LOOK!  and
>The house will be the sixth one after that.  There will be signs.
>Bring your Bows and Arrows and lets enjoy the weekend shooting till our
>hearts content.  We will also have some loaner bows & arrows.
>Contacts:  Louisa/Stefan - 639-0120  flamingbolt@mindspring.com
>           Zita            639-8701  in repair           
>           N'um            557-1396  fincom@mindspring.com
>In Service,
>Zita Dominguez
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