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Poster: sabella <sabella@gte.net>

good morning one and all.  I apologize for wasting a bit of bandwith,
but I feel this is important to some of us with
pagan and sca busineses on the internet.

Several days ago, a close friend who runs an occult shop on the 'net
recieved numerous orders for ritual robes and other items.   I was
affected by this order.  The total order was for 11 robes/tunics.  the
total fabric cost outlay to me would have been a bit over $300.
Right behind her email to me for the order was another letting me know
that ALL the email address, credit card # and po box were fraudulent.
Apparently these orders came from the same group down in the Keys that
does ''Operation Rescue''.  They have hit other pagan and sca internet
busineses the same way with fraudulent orders.  Had not StarDancer
checked the email address and then the credit card both of us would have
eaten a sizable chunk of cash.

We traced the fraudulent orders to their server and filed conplaints
with the web server, the post master and Mastercard/Visa over all of

Again I apologize for waisting your reading time and bandwith, but I
felt that the only way to let others know of this behavior was via the
listserves.  Please, if you have a business that uses the internet for
orders make sure you check out the return email address.  We verify
every order and that is the only way it was caught before I lost a
sizable amount of cash on fabric that I can only use for

If you have any question contact me.....
ps.....they mentioned the sca as a devil sponsored group in the email I
had with operation rescue....that is the main
reason I hit the listserve.
Gee,  do ya thiknk we could get the devil to fight on Trimaris side in

ps...please forward to thers as you see fit....tis unbleiveable what
some would do in the name of religion...truly amazing.

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