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Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> This actually proves my point. Education is good, and the details are
> important. We can no more generalize about our hobby than we can in the
> mundane world. Our children are our future, and we have the skills and
> the technology to make them smarter than we. Lowering scholastic standards
> is not the way to do that. 

I concur.

 Pity the Peer who hides their light under a bushel so that none
> benefit from it. 

Better, encourage them to share that light...seek them out and ask them
to share their knowledge.

Pity also the Peer who, upon attaining the Peerage,
> selfishly goes away upon attaining the prize.

But if they've earned a rest and are burned out, bring them a comfy
chair and a cool drink, and give them a footrub.....then when they are
ready, they can come back afresh, ready to go forth and have fun and
share what they know!  We all need a break now and then....some folks
are burned out by the time they become a Peer and need some
refreshment!  :)

 Praise the Peer who gives
> of their time, knowledge and experience to others.

Yup, just as you'd praise anyone else who does so!
> I am not a Peer, but I do recognize duty and obligation, what is called
> in Japan giri. We all have that to one degree or another. Let's make
> the best of it while we can.

Well, yeah.  That's one of the reasons we're here, isn't it?  :)
> Sorry for the long rant. Sometimes I just go on ad nauseum (having once
> been accused of being "intense" by a dear Lady down south <g>). This
> was meant as a thanks to a few, but I guess it turned into a thanks to
> many as well as a soapbox. Guess I'll go wash up now.
> In service,
> Corun
I know, it's an easy soapbox to step up on......  :)

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