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Book Review: The Medieval Household

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Well, my copies of The Medieval Household (Museum of London, book 6)
have arrived and they're WONDERFUL.  In particular, they've gone to
hardcover editions, so hopefully my copy won't look as battered as my
copy of Shoes & Pattens....  But on to the contents. 

There's a lot in here for those who are trying to 'fill in' their
medieval kit.  There are lamps and lanterns, plates and cups, dice,
floor tiles, flesh-hooks - all the good stuff that we need!!  As with
the other books, most of the actual items are more middle-class, but the
examples are beautiful.  They've done more with photographs of the items
and fewer of the complex drawings but the pieces are, as usual,

The categories of items covered are:
Houses (roofing, etc) 			~15 pp
House fittings (hooks, hinges, etc)	~20pp
Furnishings (chest mounts, etc)		~20pp
Security (locks)			~30pp
Fire steels, etc			2pp
Lighting				~25pp
Kitchen & tableware			~100pp
Misc stuff (dice, toys, textile work, etc) ~40pp
Weighing apparatus			~20pp

There are several pages of color plates as well - do we know anyone who
can do enamelled glassware?!

Anyhow, this volume is definitely up there with the others on books that
belong on the Fanatics Bookshelf.

still drooling....
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