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India Ink - GONE

Poster: NERFWENNA@aol.com

Patrons of the Merry Rose,

I want to thank everyone for the ideas I received.  I used Resolve Foam Carpet
Cleaner, a scrub brush and elbow grease.  I foamed it up and scrubbed real
hard.  I then blotted it with paper towels.  The more I blot, the more ink
came up.  My carpet now looks pretty good.  Although there is a slight dark
tinge to it.  I think with a good cleaning that will go away.  

I received alot of suggestions to use aerosol hairspray.  I will keep this in
mind for the next time.  Oops, I mean in case it happens again.

Thanks again for everyones wonderful suggestions,
Morwenna "Wenna" of Oakleigh
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